River Valley School of Massage

Veterans Policy:

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Veterans Standards of Progress
Students falling below a “C” average on class work will be put on academic probation for one month.  At the end of the month, the VA will be notified to terminate benefits if the student has not attained a “C” average.

Veterans Attendance Policy
Excused absences will be granted for extenuating circumstances only.  Excused absences will be substantiated by entries in a student’s file.  Early departures, class cuts, tardiness, etc., for any portion of an hour will be counted as a full hour of absence.  Students exceeding three days unexcused absences in a calendar month will be terminated for unsatisfactory attendance.

Veterans Reentrance Policy
After one month’s time, students who have been dismissed for unsatisfactory progress may be reinstated only after an interview with an administrator.  Reinstatement is up to the discretion of the administration.

If a student has been dismissed from River Valley School of Massage due to military service, may be reinstated with documentation.  Such documentation must consist of oral or written notice of military service as far in advance as is reasonable under the circumstances. This notice does not have to state the student’s intent to return to the school. When the student wants to return to the school, he/she must submit an attestation of military service that necessitated the student’s absence from the school. No notice is required if precluded by military necessity, such as service in operations that are classified or would be compromised by such notice.

The intent to return to school must be oral or written notice within three years after the completion of the period of service. A student who is hospitalized or convalescing due to an illness or injury incurred or aggravated during the performance of service must notify the school within two years after the end of the period needed for recovery from the illness or injury. A student who fails to apply for readmission within these periods does not automatically forfeit eligibility for readmission but is subject to the school’s established leave of absence policy and general practices. The student must contact the admissions office to provide notification of service and notification of intent to return.

Veterans Refund Policy
The refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges for veterans or the eligible persons who fail to enter a program, or withdraw or discontinue prior to completion, will be made for all amounts paid which exceed the pro rate portion of the total charges for the length of the program.  The proration will be determined on the ratio of the number of days or hours of instruction completed by the student to the total number of instructional days or hours in the program.

Veterans Tuition Policy
River Valley School of Massage does not charge Active duty military more than the total tuition. Active duty military, spouses and dependents will pay the same tuition as every other student attending River Valley School of Massage.

Veterans Disability Services
Total and Permanent Disability Discharge and Veterans Disability Discharge

The U.S. Department of Education (the Department) has one contact point, the Nelnet Total and Permanent Disability Servicer, for loan holders seeking assistance with all total and permanent disability (TPD) discharge questions.

Phone: 888/303-7818
Fax: 303/696-5250
Web site: www.disabilitydischarge.com
E-mail: disabilityinformation@nelnet.net

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (ET), Monday through Sunday

Mailing Address:
U.S. Department of Education
P.O. Box 87130
Lincoln, NE 68501

For overnight delivery:
U.S. Department of Education
121 South 13th Street, Suite 201
Lincoln, NE 68508