River Valley School of Massage

Massage Therapy

During lecture, students are taught all about the body and how it works with visuals and PowerPoint.

Massage therapy is a profession that is being discovered at a rapid pace in today's society by a wide range of fields. Many of the medical, rehabilitation, and fitness professions are discovering the benefits of massage therapy; thus creating opportunities for licensed massage therapists. At River Valley School of Massage, we believe that professionally skilled therapists are the key to providing a stress free, relaxing environment for the world to enjoy.

Reflexology – a natural healing art by applying pressure to key areas in your hands and feet that stimulate different parts of the body.

Deep Tissue – slow deliberate firm pressure that affects deep muscles for relief of chronic problems.

Infant Massage – a fun, loving, and nurturing touch that assists in a baby’s healthy development.

Aromatherapy – the use of oils and their affects to the body.

This section focuses on the collective principles of health preservation and proper practice for infection prevention.

This section breaks down the Arkansas Massage Law for practical understanding and teaches ethical business practices and professional conduct.

Students are taught a Swedish massage technique, which increases circulation and promotes relaxation while reducing stress. They perform hands-on practice on other students as well as clients.

Each student is required to successfully complete 600 hours of massage training and techniques. This includes but is not limited to:

- 225 hours Practical and Technique


- 175 hours Anatomy and Physiology

- 100 hours of Application and extended Anatomy and Physiology

- 25 hours Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, and Heliotherapy

- 25 hours Massage Laws and Professional Ethics


- 25 hours related subjects (including, but not limited to…)



​- 25 hours Hygiene and Infection Control

What you will study.

an Education with a Touch!

This section teaches the therapeutic use of water, light, and small electrical current.